Employment Opportunities

CLC is looking for qualified year-round Instructors to work on a part-time and flexible schedule. We are especially interested in Certified Teacher Instructors who have been board certified to teach in the public school system and/or applicants with at least a Bachelors Degree or higher in a specific area/subject for our Specialist Instructor positions to assist students in need of specialized instruction. We are also soliciting applications for other positions, such as:

  • Speed Reading, Retention & Comprehension Group Course Instructors
  • Reading Specialists, Speech and Language Therapists
  • Sales Team Reps/Managers, and
  • Educational Diagnosticians

We are pleased that you're interested in joining our team. To apply for any position within our company, please visit www.dcjobs.com, and do the following:

1. Type Certified Learning Centers in the Search Field.
2. Pick the position for which you would like to apply.
3. Fill out the Application and the Questionnaire, and post your Resume on the site.

Once we review the forms, we will call or e-mail candidates to set up an interview with Patricia Felton, our Director.

Please note: CLC hires for all of these positions on a regular, ongoing basis. If we do not select you for this round of positions, rest assured that we will keep your application permanently, and you may get a call at any time in the future if you match our quality standard guidelines and reside within an area where Instructors are needed (the later applies to all Instruction Related positions only). Most Instructors are able to maintain a full-time position elsewhere, and provide tutoring services mainly on evenings and weekends at times that are convenient for the parent/guardian. You may always contact us with questions about positions that are currently available, or about any training you may need to increase the likelihood of your receiving employment with us in the future.

Thank you for your interest in the Certified Learning Centers.