Study Skills

How can a course in Study Skills help my student in high school and help prepare them for college? Study Skills are a combination of sub-skills that enable a student to become a GREAT student. This course is often referred to as “Learning to Learn” because it literally teaches students How to Learn Easier and better. It teaches students how to be successful in high school and to be better prepared for the rigors of college. College level courses are more intensive than high school courses, and consistent support from parents, teachers, and guidance counselors is not available. Students are virtually on their own to master the course content independently. Give your student(s) a head start by enrolling them in the Certified Learning Centers’ Study Skills Course early in high school. Mastering effective listening, note taking, reading, memorization, test taking, problem solving, and organizational skills will help them achieve better grades; thus, increasing their overall GPA. This will help them to be accepted into college and to be successful. Study Skills foster responsibility, confidence, and pride as students master their goals. The attached flier summarizes the course curriculum given on campus at several local High Schools. Once enrolled, students can retake the course as often as want - FREE of charge. Each course starts with three diagnostic tests identifying each student’s personal profile, learning style, strengths and weaknesses: Left/Right Brain Dominance Test Learning Styles Analysis Test Study Skills Inventory Students are then given personalized study guides with effective learning strategies.

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